What to expect

Poverty Simulation Participant Posing Pic 7_Dec 2017 - CopyThe 2-3 hour simulation is divided into four hypothetical “weeks.” Each participant is assigned to one of 26 different families, all of whom face difficult situations that lead to face serious economic challenges.

Poverty Simulation Participant Posing Pic 15_Dec 2017

The task for each “family” is to meet their basic needs. Family members are responsible for carrying out their daily activities, such as ensuring that children get to school or day-care, finding or going to work, paying bills, visiting social services, buying groceries and more.

At the end of the simulation, participants are provided with information about poverty in BC and Canada’s and then are given the opportunity to share and discuss their thoughts about the experience in a facilitated debriefing.  Finally, participants will evaluate the experience by completing a short survey.

The simulation can accommodate a minimum of 45 and a maximum of 80 participants.

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