Hosting a Simulation

If you are an organization, group, business, class, etc.  and are interested in hosting a poverty simulation, please contact us at

To run a poverty simulation, we will need you to provide:

  • Between 45-80 participants
  • An adequately large space
  • Appropriately 12-15 tables and 80-150 chairs (depends on number of participants)
  • Audio-visual presentation equipment
  • A date and time for the simulation (each simulation takes between 2-and 2.5 hours)

In return, we provide:

  • Trained volunteers who act as service providers
  • A facilitator to run and coordinate the simulation
  • All materials

We offer the poverty simulation free of charge. However, we may require a small reimbursement for some printing and other miscellaneous costs.

Additionally, we welcome any assistance in promoting the poverty simulation to other interested groups!

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